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BlockStarzTv.com’s – New Survival Show Parody, “Backyard Survivor”, Features Epic Music Score

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BlockStarzTv.com's - New Survival Show ParodyBlock Starz TV, www.blockstarztv.com is producing a new comedy/adventure web series called MACK LEVINE: Backyard Survivor, which is a web parody of survival shows and follows an amateur’s search for monsters in city sewers and wooded areas.

Filmed on location in Louisville, Kentucky, MACK LEVINE: Backyard Survivor starts off with the show’s star, Mack Levine, looking for a monster snapping turtle under his city streets, but will expand the search to include different animals, ghosts, and other weird stuff. Houston, Texas indie composer Mr. Instrumentalist, www.mrinstrumentalist.com, is providing the show’s music score.

“We were looking for something epic to give a cinematic feel of the production,” says the show’s creator and host Mack Levine. “Plus, we felt a big grandiose music score would heighten the absurdity of my adventures.”

The purpose of MACK LEVINE: Backyard Survivor is to encourage urban residents of all ages to get out and explore their public parks and trails while learning interesting facts about their city’s natural history.

“I’m not a scientist or brave,” says Levine. “I’m just a guy with a cheap camera and even cheaper sunglasses hoping to make people to look, laugh and learn.”

MACK LEVINE: Backyard Survivor will begin airing weekly on The BlockStarz.Tv Network in August.

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